The Other Bio…Because we’re more than our accomplishments, no?

Some Things That I Love:

• Books that make me laugh and cry; especially cry
• Being a twin
• Living in different countries
• Listening to you
• Cake, coffee, champagne. Not necessarily in that order
• Music that takes me somewhere else
• Astrology/tarot/numerology (I know!)
• When the crying baby on the plane isn’t mine
• Hands heavy in my lap after meditating
• Films about family
• All beings that fly (minus the insecty ones)
• When I’m inside this moment
• An American living in Spain; a Brit living in New York. And yet, we met
• Bodies of water
• Mothering Rhys and Remy
• Finding the perfect words that connect me to you
• Hindsight

A Few Things I Want to Love:

• Farmer’s Markets
• Parades
• Museums
• Following the news
• Houseguests
• Broccoli
• Skype
• Poetry
• Wearing high heels
• Going to the gym

And Things I’m Learning:

• To mind my own business
• There is no right way, just your own way
• You’re gonna wish you enjoyed it more, so do
• Spanx aren’t so bad
• Cleaning vomit won’t kill me
• We are already enough, always were
• Home base is inside me, not you
• I will, thankfully, never be a size zero
• I’m kinda lazy
• Remember who brought you to the dance


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